Being an Active Community Partner

  • Representative Lombardo is an active member in the Billerica Alliance and is connected to the business leaders in Billerica and understands their concerns.
  • Marc Lombardo is a member of the High School Building Committee and was a champion for the passing of a ballot question to fund the new Billerica Memorial High School.
  • Every month, Representative Lombardo holds office hours at the Billerica Senior Center to ensure our seniors and all residents have access to the services the office can provide.

Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is costing Massachusetts taxpayers nearly $2 billion annually on taxpayers funded benefits for those who are breaking the rules. Marc supports strong reforms to deal with the issue of illegal immigration including:

  •  Withholding funding to Sanctuary Cities
  •   Creating stronger penalties for those caught making fake IDs
  •   Requiring proof of citizenship in order to receive state and local services
  •   Increasing punitive penalties for knowingly hiring illegal workers
  •   Requiring the courts to verify the citizenship of any individual appearing in a state court
  •   Prohibiting legal state residents from being bypassed on public housing lists in favor illegal immigrants

Holding the line on Taxes

In the last 8 years, Beacon Hill Democrats have passed 10 tax increases on the taxpayers of Massachusetts.  Most recently, Representative Lombardo opposed implementing a graduated income taxrate.  The Massachusetts votes have rejected a graduated income tax 5 times and in 2000, voted to reduce the income tax to 5%. 

Lombardo strongly opposed a 2013 tax package that raised taxes $800M.  Included in the package was a first of a kind Technology tax which would directly harm Billerica businesses.  Representative Lombardo utilized his background in technology to lead the repeal of this tax. 

Included in the same tax package was an increase in the gas tax and an even more alarming “automatic increase” each year without a vote of the Legislature.  Marc took to the House floor and branded the measure the “to Infinity and Beyond tax.”  Representative Lombardo joined in the successful ballot initiative effort to repeal the automatic increase on the gas tax.

Representative Lombardo supports reducing the meals, sales, and income tax to 5%.

Supporting the Second Amendment

As a sportsman, Marc is a strong supporter of the second amendment.  Marc has and will continue to vigorously defend the Constitutional right of law abiding citizens to own firearms.  Marc is a member of the Woburn Sportsman Club on the Middlesex Turnpike.

Protecting Parental Rights

Representative Lombardo has been a strong advocate for parental rights as a member of the legislature.  As a father of two, Marc believes that Government should not supersede a parents rights to make decision for their child’s health and education.  That is why when Representative Lombardo saw 15 year old Justina Pelletier wrongful ripped from the loving arms of her parents Lou and Linda and placed in DCF custody for 16 months, Lombardo stepped to action.  Partnering with Representative Jim Lyons of Andover, Marc challenged DCF and the Administration and got Justina back to her family where she belonged.  Calling it “one of the most rewarding efforts” of my life, Marc wants to ensure that Government doesn’t ever inappropriate interfere in the relationship of Billerica Families. 

Supporting Small Business and Jobs in Massachusetts

Marc understands that the majority of new jobs created in Massachusetts are by small business owners.  Representative Lombardo understands that government doesn’t create jobs rather they create a climate for the market to exist – and sometimes the best thing government can do is to get out of the way of job creators.  That is why Marc joined with his colleague Representative Shaunna O’Connell to introduce a legislative packaged called the “Small Business Bill of Rights.” 

The Small Business Bill of Rights includes:

  • Instituting a one year waiting period before a new tax or new regulation can take effect
  • Requiring hearings on tax increase proposals for input from the business community
  • Requiring a cost-benefit analysis of regulations every 5 years
  • Limit treble damages to willful actions
  • Allowing people to freelance work as independent contractors


Marc believes that a first class education is the key to a successful future for our children.  That is why Marc is such a strong advocate for increased state aid coming back to our community.  Marc was an outspoken advocate for the new Billerica Memorial High School where he serves as a member of the High School Building Committee and helped secure the $73 Million grant for Billerica.  Representative Lombardo believes communities should make decisions locally on the education for our children because he has faith in Billerica’s teachers and Superintendent.  Investment in education is person to Marc because to him, when it comes to education, it’s about parenting, not politics.