Rep Lombardo Supports Distracted Driving Bill

November 19, 2019

House passes distracted driving bill

BOSTON – The House of Representatives has approved legislation that will soon mandate hands-free cell phone use while driving in Massachusetts.

House Bill 4203, An Act requiring the hands-free use of mobile telephones while driving, will extend the currant ban on cell phone use by drivers under the age of 18 to include all Massachusetts drivers, following a 90-day phase in period.  The bill- which represents a compromise negotiated by a six-member House and Senate Conference Committee- passed the House on a vote of 154-1 on November 19, the Senate passed the bill on November 20. 

State Representative Marc Lombardo, R-Billerica, said he supports the new restrictions on cell phone use for motorist because it will help improve public safety and reduce traffic fatalities on the state’s roadways. Twenty other states- including Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Rhode Island- already ban the use of cell phones while driving.